Move to GitHub Pages

I recently moved my blog to GitHub Pages. I will not post any article on this blog, so if you wanted to keep reading me, it is there that you need to be. As an aspirant computer scientist, I decided to make the move on creating my own website from scratch with HTML and CSS.... Continue Reading →

What I am Up To? Study, Projects, Goals

Hello World! It’s been a while since my last article here, and for those who follow me on social media, you may have realized that I was not much active lately. I wanted to take the time today to explain why. First of all, I am doing very well. Everything is all good for me... Continue Reading →

NASA, L’SPACE Academy ~ What is it?

L'SPACE Logo I am working to write a proposal for NASA through Lucy Student Pipeline Accelerator and Competency Enabler (L’SPACE) Academy, but what is it about? Let me explain. A month ago, I applied to a 12-weeks online program with the NASA L’SPACE Academy who is open for those who are pursuing an undergraduate in... Continue Reading →

Website in the Cloud!

This is the blog I deployed. Today, I want to share my experience deploying a cheap website in Azure. It is pretty easy and straightforward, and you do not have to know any programming language for doing it. We are going to use WordPress for the deployment. You will have first to create a free... Continue Reading →

IPv4 Subnetting – The Easy Way!

Today, I want to explain the way I learned how to find the subnet part, the host part, and how to do subnetting. Let’s find the subnet and host part first, but before that take a moment to analyze this table: NNNNNNNN.NNNNNNNN.SSHHHHHH.HHHHHHHH (/18)N = Network BitS = Subnet BitH = Host Bit ~ For this... Continue Reading →

My Podcasts Playlist

Today, I want to share with you my podcasts playlist (every links are at the end of the article). The primary podcast that I’m waiting for the release of the weekly episode is of course, The Art of Network Engineering Podcast. Every week, an episode with A.J, Andy, Aaron, Dan and a new guess each week. The... Continue Reading →

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